Bethel Cemetery Association of
Franklin County

Founded 1887
Located in Southern Franklin County, Texas

Memorial Day Services
Each 1st Sunday in June
Each Marker is a Page in the Biography of American History

They paid for it with sacrifice and blood.

Our Nation has been greatly blessed over the many years through war after war.  God has used brave
men and women for this nation that was formed under Godly standards and by Godly people.  Sometimes
it seems as if we have forgotten this, but God is still in control and may we never forget or our nation
will be doomed.   (from the 2007 Speaker Notes - Dayne Redding)

Civil War 
(1861 - 1865)
Korean War 
(1950 - 1953)
Spanish American War  (1898)            Vietnam 
(1965 - 1973)
(1914 - 1918)
Also Veterans Serving during Peacetime
(1941 - 1945)

CIVIL WAR  (1861 - 1865)
George W. Alford George McCown
Newton I. Armstrong James H. Martin
Crayton Bradley Daniel Sparks

Larkin C. Glover

WWI  (1914 - 1918)
David O. Aldridge Odie W. Inman
Joe B. Burgin Lewis Keener
George L. Gilbert Herman Mitchell
Robert Lester Gilbert Jessie H. Townsend
Martin M. Herron Roy Tibbs
Gates W. Inman Irvin M. Wall
John D. Inman Allen L. White

WWII  (1941 - 1945)
Howard (Shorty) Adams Archie W. Inman
Calvin D. Adams Joy Dean Inman
Perry D. Alexander Carson Jacobs
Bruce A. Allen Nolen E.  Knight
Pete Bacon Audie A. Krantz
Raymond C. Banks Rafael G. Leavelle
Elbert L. Benton Dalton E. Lester
Denzil R. Black Leon Truett Lester
Duard L. Black Ted Mackey
Chester Blake Tommie G. Miles
Robert J. Boles Marshall Mitchell
John L. Brannam Twyman Newkirk
Firn W. Burkham Milton Patterson
Nathan A. Burkham Peter Sedlaczek
Kenneth L. Burton Embra L. Self
Lewis L. Burton Clarke A. Simms Jr.
D. C. Campbell Zack Simms
Troy Campbell Jessie Smith
Joseph T. Caviness Bill Sparks
Nolen H. Caviness Dan A. Sparks
Raymond Caviness Edward C. Sparks
Willis M. Cook Wayne Sparks
Jesse W. Davis William L. Sparks
Bryan W. Douglas Rayford R. Stalcup
Tomie T. Garner Harold Speaks
Edward T. German Everett E. Swatsell
Deward M. Gilbert Forrest Swatsell
Robert Leon Gilbert Samuel B. Teague
Troyce O. Gilbert Plez A. Tedford
Audrey L. Glover Willie E. Vaughn
Grady W. Glover Aaron A. Wallace
Herbert P. Glover Wilmer Wallace
L. C. Glover Fred D. Weatherford
Preston L. Graves Floyd Whittiker
Walter E. Grolemund Jr. A. J. Williams
Hubert L. Hamilton Milton L. Worth
Tildon Hathcoat Allen L. Wright
Lenoard D. Hays Leroy Gilbert
Lester Ray Hilburn Jonnie Collins
R. D. Hoffman Billy G. Glover

KOREAN WAR  (1950 - 1953)
Horace Mack Anderson Thad Roscoe Magee
Ivan Benton Jack Miller
Carroll V. Brooks Kenneth Potter
Clinton E. Carr Glen Stocks
Raymond Caviness Billy R. Strickland
Howard A. Hathcoat Rodney N. Williams
Julius O. Hathcoat Joy D. Worth
Billy Ray Kirkland Robert L. "Bob" Warner
Norman Lohr

Rev. Jack Garrdner

VIETNAM  (1965 - 1973)
Kathern Nora Hurt Allen, U S Marines Charles G. Nolen
Terry Black Timothy W. Sawyer
Benny E. German John D. Wren
Maurice Allen Krantz - Army

Veterans Serving in Peacetime

Leon Hurley  U. S. Army Kyle Munn

Veterans Serving - Unknown When
Cloy G. Black  - U. S. Marines
Charlie Howard Peckham
James M. Garner
Ernest Chester Barker
Richard William White
James Glenn Wylie

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